Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TCard?

TCard is the new Trinity College campus card. Your TCard will enable you to access and pay for a range of services across the campus using the embedded electronic purse. As well as this, your TCard will also be used for your access control, print and copy, and as your student identification.

The aim of TCard is to simplify the usage of cards to one campus recognised TCard, for all functions.

How can students and staff add TCard services to their existing cards?

Existing Trinity card holders must visit one of the Tap & Go stations to enable the TCard facility. First year student cards do not need to Tap & Go as their cards are already enabled with the TCard facility.

What are the benefits of using the TCard?

Benefits of using your TCard for purchases include:

  • No more cash. Obtaining cash from the ATM can be very time consuming with large queues. Using your TCard can eliminate this unnecessary disturbance.
  • Faster transactions lead to less queues. With no cash exchanging, and counting, using your TCard will improve the flow of customers at points of sale, ensuring minimum waiting times.
  • Discounts and incentives from TCard retailers.

How do I top up my card with money?

You can top up your card online at using your credit/debit card or using cash at the loaders situated in the Arts Building and in the Hamilton Concourse.

Where can my card be used?

You can use your TCard anywhere you see the TCard symbol next to a pay point. Locations include:

• The Buttery
• The Dining Hall
• East Dining Hall
• 1592 Restaurant
• Aras an Phiarsaigh

• Arts Café
• Academic Registry
• Hamilton Restaurant
• Westland Coffee
• The Science Gallery

• Sports centre
• Nursery
• Students Union
• St James Hospital
• Tallaght Hospital

I’ve lost my card what should I do?

Hotlist your card on the TCard website and report it to the TCard Office by email:

What is the TCard website?

What can you do on the TCard website

- Users can access all of their TCard transactions, including top ups and expenditure
- Users can hot list their TCard if lost or stolen.
- Parents/guardians/friends can top up student or staff TCards using their credit/debit cards

How can I get the TCard services to work on my existing student or staff id card?

Students (excluding 1st year students) and staff need to visit a Tap & Go station to activate the TCard facility on their existing student and staff id card, these stations are located in The Buttery Restaurant, Arts Building Upper Concourse, Human Resource Service Desk and Academic Registry Service Desk.

I have topped up online. What next?

Simply use your TCard in any of our outlets and your TCard balance will be updated. Note: top up will not appear on website until a transaction is completed with your TCard.

How can I contact the TCard office with another query?

Contact the TCard Office by Email: or Tel: +353 1 896 1370